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Today starts the first day of cataloging my family’s journey to opening an Agile Learning Center in Charleston, SC. It’s almost 10 P.M, after spending a half hour talking to Drew about our website, and accordingly, I’ve just spent another hour and a half tinkering with my blog, while making a deal with myself to attempt to chronicle this experience.

My ground rules:

  • Post at least a “what did you do today” post every day I do something for the school, but hopefully be more substantial than just a bullet list of completed tasks
  • Not use this as a “how to,” since I currently do not know how to…but definitely define our steps as we go.
  • Post at least once a week about our ALC’s history and our path to today, from the distant past of 2014
  • Try to post at least once a week about either A) our personal history (as it relates to the school), or B) some sort of confessional about how this is going

And so it begins (again) today. I plan to make this blog hold me accountable for keeping things moving forward, and keeping me active.

Here goes…



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