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What did I do this month? – February 2016

As I look back on February, the theme for this month’s work was “restart.”

The first thing I did was re-evaluate our financial assumptions. Jen took a look at them on the 18th and made a few changes and asked if I would look the worksheet back over to make sure there weren’t any glaring errors. There weren’t, but we decided to tweak some things. One thing that is still on the to-do is to figure out what our expected average tuition is going to be given our switch to a sliding scale tuition model.

We also went through the ALC Starter kit and created a Trello board with all of the steps we still need to take. The board is daunting. We really need to find some more founders who are willing to put in some time with us.

I’ve started looking in to customer segments and how to reach our target audience. We’ve blown up Facebook with messages to all of our friends and we’ve opened the new Emerson ALC site (thanks for your help Drew!) and have gotten a couple of requests for info sessions so far. We need to schedule some sessions around town. We’ve also been in contact with a couple of possible sites, but haven’t gotten any callbacks yet.

We met with another local who is interested in Free Schools. He is a proponent of the Summerhill method. He brought up some good concerns about how to start the school and his insight is much appreciated. He might have an interest in joining our founder’s group, but probably more in an advisory position than a details position.

We’ve made a good start to get things moving, but if we want to open a school in the next six months we need to get in to gear. Restarting is finished, it’s time to start looking for folks, and knocking things off of the trello board.

Here we go!


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