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Walking the Walk – Family Kanban

Brodie moving a card on the Trello board
Brodie moving a card on the Trello board


Jen and I have been excited about staring an ALC, and we’re both extremely comfortable with the technology and thought process behind the tools that are used daily in ALC’s, but we felt like it would be unfair of us to talk about this system with others if we weren’t using it ourselves. So…we’ve started.

About two weeks ago, Jen created the Gager Family Trello board.

Gager Trello Board
A screen-cap of the board today.

We’ve been excited to have stand-up meetings with our five-year old, and test out how the system works. At the first stand-up meeting, Jen downloaded the trello app on to Brodie’s Android tablet, and he gets excited to open it up every day during the meeting. It’s been very useful for Jen and I to track what our plans are for the day as well. A couple of insights we’ve gotten so far:

  • Doing this as a family, it’s easy to have our stand-up in the morning, but given our busy schedules (work, coaching, kid’s appts, etc) it has been difficult to do the afternoon reflection.
  • Brodie gets excited about looking at the board in the morning, but even though it is on his tablet, forgets about it during the day. He rarely does the tasks he put in doing, unless it’s by accident.
  • The Emerson board is different from the Family board, and we haven’t really worked out how to reflect the Emerson work on the family board (since Emerson work is mostly done on nights and weekends and we do stand-up and reflection during regular business hours).

I think it’s time to have our first change-up meeting so that we can talk about how to fix the above problems.



As an aside, we introduced Kanban and Trello to our younger son’s ABA therapists, and they all took to it immediately. Two of them started their own boards and told us about them the next time we saw them!

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